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Wild Hendrix Designs



Bridget is the founder of Rebel Artists of Whatcom

Bridget is autistic and with the social challenges she faces daily, took those struggles to try to create a space where everyone is welcome and differences are celebrated. She also ties hundreds of knots to create beautiful works of art and fun ways to hang your plants! "I have always been a person that enjoys making and creating. I love macrame because no matter how many macrame/fibre artists there are, no two are the same. I really love creating commissioned pieces too. It's really fun to see your vision come to life! Please email me for commissions! I can't wait to hear what you have in mind!"

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AKA Daisy Designs



Sarah is the Event Coordinator, Director,  and Social Media Manager.

Sarah is a 33 year old local that has two tiny humans. She is part of the “spoonie club”, which means that she deals with a chronic illness called Neurocardiogenic Syncope. You know those fainting goats? It’s kind of like that. She has had many jobs over the years (body piercer, barista, clothing slinger, photographer etc.) but has recently found joy in making jewelry. Mostly using polymer clay, she creates fun and unique pieces to decorate the human form. She pulls inspiration from nature, rave culture, and vintage lifestyle. 

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Meet Our Members

Our Artists

Artesanías El Alebrije

Alex Martinez Products
Alex Martinez


My name is Alex Martinez and I am from the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. I am the owner of Artesanías El Alebrije, a small business I initiated during the pandemic. The purpose for this business is to sell artisan products from Mexico and my home state Oaxaca, such as embroidered dresses, handmade crafts, guayaberas, alebrijes, etc. While growing up in Washington, I noticed how hard it can be to find such items in Whatcom County. Hopefully, this local business can help people access some of Mexico’s artesanías. I am working directly with Mexican artesanos (artisans) most whom which are indigenous.

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moonflower botanicals



"After working with herbs and flowers in my garden to make oils, body butters, lip
balms, etc. It just felt natural for soap to be the next step. My expertise is in cold process soap featuring oils, butters, and additives that really make your skin feel soft. Handmade soap is unlike any soap at the grocery store. Along with my soaps, I make other fun bath and body
products like lotion, massage oil, lotion bars, bath salts, dish soap, and shaving soap."

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Lively signs



Cheyenne and Ben met at work in 2015 and quickly fell in love and they married. With their deep love for the community and a desire to help local small businesses succeed, in June of 2019 they decided to start a sign & art company!

Good Gothic art

Isaac Headshot.jpg
Isaac Product Shot.png


Isaac is a non-binary, neurodivergent artist and performer living in Whatcom County. His work values inclusivity, gender expression, and repurposing recycled materials. Isaac draws much of his inspiration from fantasy and magical realism motifs, as well as appreciating the natural world. 

waffles in paradise

Waffles #1.jpg



Waffles in Paradise was dreamed up on a gorgeous October day after a walk around Lake Padden, by adventure partners Inga and Melvin. "Making heart-shaped waffles on Sunday mornings is a special tradition in our family, a culinary expression of my Nordic ancestry, and we are VERY excited to share with our community!" Western Washington is our Paradise, which is why we chose Bellingham, the City of Renewed Excitement, to set up shop. We love the diversity of deliciousness found right here; we source from Cairnspring Mills, Twin Brooks Creamery, Marie's Bees, and the Spice Hut.

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mx. emily carey




Art educator, creator and curator.


"I was born and raised in northwest Whatcom County, and I have finally found my path as an artist. I've been creating my whole life, but my career focus has been on art education. While that is still a large role I play, I am excited to start exploring the more professional world of being a creator."

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bright and sunny ginger beer



Miranda brews wild fermented ginger beer in Bellingham. It's a craft soda with bite! Live, wild yeast culture is the catalyst for the probiotic that creates the tiny bubbles. No added C02 or yeast. Brewed in small batches with minimal sugar to keep the alcohol content under 1%. Fabulous as a mixer for cocktails and mocktails and super refreshing enjoyed straight-up.

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take root remedies

Take Root.JPG


Organic & natural herbal remedies for your body inside & out.

"We are two passionate mamas who want to share our love for organic & natural products. We use the purest ingredients and infuse love and positive intention into every handcrafted item. After studying herbalism independently and together for nearly a decade, we decided to start a small business to share our love for organic handmade herbal creations with our close community and beyond. We trust and honor ancient wisdom and healing properties of plants and all of nature’s gifts. Building on this trust we invite you to take part in our journey to Be Well & Take Root."

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skirt sisters

Jen Parker


Skirt Sisters makes cute and comfortable Skirts from upcycled and repurposed clothing. Each gets a nice stretchy waistband and is pre-shrunk! No special care is needed,  simply wash on cold or warm,  and tumble dry low or medium.  We take custom orders also! Turn your favorite t-shirt into a "t skirt"! Our Skirt sizes go from extra small-ish to XX large-ish and are flattering on any body. They are $49 each, but purchase any 3 at a time and receive 10% off! You may contact us through Facebook or Instagram if you'd like to purchase,  or have any questions. No contact payment and pickup in the Columbia neighborhood Bellingham. Shipping is also available at cost.  ($5-$8 in the continental US)

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evergreen essential

Evergreen Headshot_edited.jpg
Evergreen Soap.jpg



I grew up in Bellingham, spending a lot of time outdoors. That’s actually where the inspiration for my business came from. (Well, half my inspiration) I want to get back to the natural way of living as much as I can and I wanted to put an end to my family using products with chemicals, so among other things, I started making my own soap and loved it. The second half of my inspiration was my little sister actually. She has very sensitive skin and growing up all the soap that was bought for her gave her itchy red and burning rashes, but no one ever knew about natural soap and didn’t make a change for her! The first product I ever made was actually a salve for her and my husband who had cracks in his skin from psoriasis so deep that they bled. Both of them were soothed and healed up! Sharing with friends they loved it too and I became passionate about trying to help people break free from poisonous mainstream products, plus each bar is a little work of pnw art. I aim to show people that natural does not have to mean ugly or boring or stinky!

bella blue designs

Nooksack River Eagles - 12x18 Art Print



I draw to celebrate Earth. I’m enthralled with shapes, colors and patterns of the natural world. I’m inspired and motivated to document the wonderland surrounding me through art. Even as we witness devastating losses to this incredible ecosystem my art stays focused on beauty. It is intended to be an optimistic reminder to cherish Earth and recognize our responsibility for it’s care. My husband and I landed fairly softly with a lightened load in the lush forests of Whatcom County a few years ago after a wildfire in Nor-Cal. We are grateful to re-create here in Maple Falls where the inspiration flows.

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garden of maya

IMG_1475 2.JPG



Nature infused art & botanical handmade goods, inspired by the beauty and magic of nature. Maya's creations include Intention Candles, Botanical Resin Jewelry, Botanical Moon Phase Decor & much more. All of her creations are centered around nature, crafted by hand, and ethically sourced. The botanicals used in her art are grown, foraged, and pressed with her own two hands. With a background in Herbalism, Maya infuses the magical and medicinal properties of plants into her creations. Crafted locally in Bellingham, WA. 

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Funky's hot sauce factory




I moved here with my wife and 3 kids in 2015 from Santa Rosa, California where we set the foundation of what has grown into Funky’s Hot Sauce Factory. We absolutely love the Pacific Northwest and moving here is one of the best decisions we've ever made!  Funky's launched in the summer of 2019, about a year after I was laid off from a stressful project management job in the construction industry.  After working for many years in the architecture and construction world, this was the final straw and I began selling sauces commercially that summer along with picking up some freelance handyman work to pay the bills.  I started growing peppers and making hot sauce back in the early 2000's.  I've always loved to experiment with flavors and fermentation utilizing home grown and locally sourced non-gmo & organic peppers and other ingredients.  This has been a dream in the making for quite sometime and one day I hope to quit doing handyman work to focus solely on HOT SAUCE!  Oh yeah, my nickname is "Funky" and that nickname was given to me by my former bandmates, for the way I play the guitar. I also like the name because it somewhat defines some of my hot sauce concoctions and it references fermentation, which is very important to me.

Dias del sol




Jovanique is a maker, wildcrafter, and beekeeper. Her creations are an extension of her deep love for life. She offers handmade jewelry, ethically harvested herbal remedies, handmade clothing, and more. She has been making jewelry for seven years and her work has something for everyone. Beeswax from her hives is a vital ingredient in the herbal salves she offers and she hand harvests the herbs she uses for all her remedies. Her clothing is made with upcycled/previously loved textiles and notions. As the seasons change, you may notice what is most prevalent in the shop changes as well.  As a beekeeper, Jovanique practices natural beekeeping methods that support the wellbeing of the hive and the world around it. Her passion for creation gives back to the honey bees she cares for. A portion of every purchase made in her shop goes directly to keeping her bees and supporting the natural world around us. Días del sol is a space where Jovanique hopes to  share all her creations and show what she has learned from the natural world. 

Based in Bellingham, Wa.

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Cute Just Because


Erica Wilkins


My name is Erica and Cute Just Because is all about spreading joy through the unrelenting power of cuteness! What started as a way to create happiness in my everyday life has blossomed into business that exists simply Just Because. I’ve been crafting for as long as I can remember and bounce around from craft to craft, but most recently have honed my skills in yarn arts. Join me on my journey of making Whatcom county that much cuter!

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Leo McCabe


Hello! My name is Leo, I’m a nonbinary WWU student born and raised in Washington. As a neurodivergent person, I’ve honed my intense passion for video games, cats, and cutesy/weird stuff into art. I love to paint as well as design stickers, and hope to break into tattoo art one day. I sell stickers, handmade bookmarks, and do digital/traditional commissions! 

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Things By Aeroscorpian


Kayla McNeil


Hi, my name is Kayla. I tend to collect interests and hobbies, which results in making a lot of things. Things By Aeroscorpian was created as a way to showcase and find homes for the various things that I’m inspired to make, including Lego minifigure keychains and jewelry. I hope that the things I make bring smiles to the faces of those who see them. 


My things can be found online (on Etsy) and in Bellingham (when vending with RAW). I post updates on Instagram and Facebook, including when I’ll be vending.

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Cecilee Romano


Cecilee has always been looking up at the sky. Clouds, stars, the moon, all of it. After taking some Astronomy classes, she started to use science to guide her art, making images of what could be out there. She uses pencil, acrylic, oils, spray paint, resin, and more to make her windows into other worlds come alive! 

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The Art of Mitchell Van Duzer


Mitchell Van Duzer


Hi! My name is Mitchell Van Duzer, and I'm a local fine artist specializing in acrylic painting. I moved to Bellingham in 2014 after attending college at Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, BC. I am a member of Allied Arts of Whatcom County, and have exhibited there numerous times, as well as in various other local venues around western Washington. My professional practice largely consists of abstract and conceptual work, with the first decade of my work being primarily focused on the theme of technology. In addition to my original paintings, I also sell prints and other goods featuring my artwork.

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Pluvial Art

Pluvial Art Ali Simmons Headshot.jpg
Pluvial Art Products Photo.jpg

Ali Simmons


My name is Ali, I'm born and raised in Bellingham, and rainy days are my favorite creative inspiration. Pluvial is a word that describes something that is characterized by rainfall, and luckily we have a very pluvial town. Most of my work is gouache paintings of nature and cute critters, or ink drawings of intricate patterns within organic shapes. I also dabble in digital art work and am enjoying learning a new medium. I love connecting with my community and look forward to sharing my art with you!

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Twisted Quartz

image0 (1).jpeg

Laura Halbert

Twisted Quartz is owned and operated by Laura Halbert in Bellingham, WA. Laura has been an artist since she was a child allowed to wander the craft store aisles. Today, she finds the most joy in using crystals, bones, and semi-fine metals to create bespoke earrings, stretched ear jewelry, necklaces and bracelets. In addition to jewelry, Laura gets hyper focused on crochet and designs cardigans for children and adults. She is often inspired by nature, r&b music, and her personal relationships. 

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